MVM Revestimentos is concerned with manufacturing the best product for your building and is also concerned with the nature and cost of our customers. MVM blankets are easy to install and because they are highly durable they provide longer life to the roof, protecting year round.

By installing the MaxxiFoil thermal insulation, the resident saves about 40% in air conditioning energy costs.

MVM blankets reduce the heat from the roof by 90%, reducing the use of air conditioning and the release of carbon dioxide (CO2) gas into the atmosphere, preventing the increase in global warming.

MVM reuses all waste that is used in the production of its materials, not harming the nature. To this end, MVM Revestimentos created the MVM Environmental Seal, applied to all environmentally friendly products, a pioneer action in Brazil in the field of ecological thermal blankets. To continue contributing to the preservation of the environment, MVM recycles 30% of its raw material.


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