MVM operates in the market of thermal, acoustic, waterproofing and special laminates facing the construction industry. In 2017, it expanded its manufacturing park to an area of ​​6,000 m², making it the largest thermal blanket industry in Rio Grande do Sul and one of the largest in Brazil.

From 2009, MVM entered the field of thermal and acoustic insulation for civil construction with high technology and quality products. By manufacturing thermal and acoustic insulators, MVM ensures that all manufactured products have resistance to degradation by exposure to ultraviolet rays.

In 2010, MVM underwent a brand revitalization and repositioning process, which translates into the entry in the insulation market for the civil construction, automotive and pharmaceutical industries and the new identification MVM Coatings. To know MVM's environmental responsibility policy, visit the Environmental Policy page.

In 2018, MVM deployed SAP's world-leading ERP system in the segment, strengthening its structure and control, enabling more customer credibility.


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